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Saturday, 06 February 2010 23:35


Loose Boxes or Pallets?

Quite frequently we get asked "Is it better to ship your boxes loose or to have them palletized?" Many of our customers want to know, so we decided to offer a few helpful explanations here. The first thing to consider when deciding to ship your boxes is whether or not you are willing to make a few trips to gather supplies in order to properly prepare your shipment. There are some advantages to palletizing your freight, for example, palletized shipments are approximately 15%-30% less expensive, depending on the number of boxes and amount of labor involved in transporting the boxes. Additionally, having the boxes on pallets helps keep your entire shipment together, especially when you are shipping a large number of boxes. At times we get customers that have 50+-  boxes to ship, and in that case each box needs to be labeled individually in the rare event that one gets away from the bunch. If you do have to ship your boxes loose, not to worry, your representative will make it very easy by providing you copies for whatever amount of boxes you have.


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