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Written by GW Neal   
Saturday, 06 February 2010 23:35


What is an LTL?

Commonly referred to as LTL., Less Than Truckload is the act of shipping freight that, as the title suggests, is Less Than A Truckload. LTL shipping is a way to consolidate your shipping so you do not have to pay for the entire truck when you only need to ship a few pallets. LTL is commonly 1-5 pallets, and anywhere from 100 lbs - 8000 lbs. Pallets should always be used when shipping LTL to avoid other items bumping up against yours and to also keep you freight together. In the worst case scenario, we can always find a way to ship your freight, even if it is not palletized. We specialize in LTL shipping and because of this we are always able to pass on to you the best options in shipping freight through a wide range of shipping solutions.


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